Jilin Cuisine

Because of the unique geographical position and special climate, Jilin City has various special food which gains great fame all around China. It has its own very unique cuisine which has a long history over 3 000 years. Starting from the ancient time, many nationalities gathered together there and developed their lives. They kept different culture and food habitats, for example the Man People like stews and pastry, Korean People like cold noodle and dog meat, Mongol People like barbecue, etc. These special dietary habitats gradually formed the diversification of Jilin City cuisine.   
Some famous dishes of Jilin City:
Ginseng Chicken - Ginseng is one of the three treasures in northeastern China, and also a very famous and precious tonic of Jilin. The chicken of this dish is chosen from the local years’ old chicken. This dish captures very beautiful appearance as well as very fragrant smell. It can refresh your mind and slow down your aging.
Whitefish Steamed in Clear Soup - There are two cooking ways for this dish: one is to get the sauce of the fish and drink the soup, while another aims to make the soup permeate the fish and eat the flesh. Whitefish is living in the Songhua Lake, so you can find this dish all around the Jilin City.
San Tao Wan (three sets of bowls) - It is the most classical of traditional Man People dish. The famous Manchu Han Imperial Feast was developed from the San Tao Wan dish. It has many kinds of meat as the ingredients, including venison, hazel grouse, frog oil and etc, and cooked via 15 processes (burn, bake, braise, stew, fry and etc.). It consists of over 20 dishes.
Qingling Live Fish - Qingling is the name of a small village of Jilin City, which is quite close to the Songhua Lake, Qingling Forest Park, Red Leaves Canyon and etc. It has a large-scale Live Fish Street well known through out the city. The fish of this dish is very fresh and delicious because the fish was directly caught from the fishpond when it was cooked.