Guilin Transportation

Airport in Guilin
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, about 28 kilometers away from the downtown city, provides more than 110 lines to most popular tourist cities of mainland China and to some other countries.

Shuttle buses, which are available till the arrival of the last flight of the day, run between the airport and Air Aviation Hotel (in downtown Guilin) every an hour. And the ride takes about one hour.

Railway stations in Guilin
Guilin is an important hub of Chinese railway network, which provides daily services to almost every hot destination of the country. There are three train stations in Guilin, the Western Train Station (Guilin Xi Railway Station), the Northern Train Station (Guilin Bei Railway Station), and Guilin Railway Station (also called the Southern Train Station by some people), the last is the major one located in the center of Guilin city. Tourists who take trains, especially bullet trains, to arrive in Guilin are suggested to pay attention to their arrival stations. 

Long-distance bus stations in Guilin
There are mainly three bus stations in Guilin. The most important one is located at Kaifeng Road. Daily coaches are available at these three bus stations to almost every county within Guangxi province, and various cities of Guangdong and Hunan provinces.

Guilin Waterway
Waterway in Guilin is based on Xiang River and Li River. Along the Li River, it can reach Wuzhou City and then to join the Zhujiang River to get to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao. But nowadays, with the high development of air and road transportation, the waterway has almost been abandoned.