Guilin Cuisine

Guilin food, with its own distinctive flavour, is well reputed around China. It is a perfect combination of Hunan Cuisine, characteristic of sourness and spiciness, and Cantonese Cuisine, characteristic of light food. Due to strong influence of Hunan Cuisines, local cannot make dishes without tasting sour and spicy. Likewise, restaurants in Guilin have to accommodate themselves to the flavour of Guilin dwellers. With the rapid development of tourism, all sorts of food can be found in Guilin City, such as Huaiyang Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Chaozhou Cuisine, local dishes of northwestern China, typical local dishes of minorities of Guangxi province. In the meanwhile, some simple Chinese dishes and authentic western food are popular among youngsters. More strikingly, Guilin has plentiful and cheap street food on offer. Recommend you to try it strongly!