Transportation between Guangzhou and Guilin

Guangzhou is about 883 kilometers away from Guilin by train.

By plane
Several direct flights WERE available between Guangzhou and Guilin, but now it is no longer in service due to the opening of high-speed rail between two cities. Passengers who want to arrive at Guilin from Guangzhou by air have to transfer flights in other cities of the country.

By train
More than 50 bullet trains run between Guangzhou and Guilin every day, from around seven o’clock in the morning till night. The trains depart very frequently, and most of them run from Guangzhounan Railway Station (Guangzhou South Railway Station) and arrive at Guilinxi Railway Station (Guilin West Railway Station) or Guilinbei Railway Station(Guilin North Railway Station). Tourists entering from Guangzhou who want to visit Guilin are suggested to take bullet trains since it is quite convenient and fast, taking 2.5-3 hours one way.

*Train schedules may be adjusted from time to time, specific information is subject to the announcements of the railway stations.