Transportation between Beijing and Guilin

Beijing is about 1887 kilometers away from Guilin by airplane.
Beijing is about 2135 kilometers away from Guilin by train.

By plane
At present all flights from Beijing to Guilin come from Beijing Capital International Airport. Five flights, most of which are available during the day, are scheduled from the capital airport to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport every day. With a distance of some 1887 kilometers, the single journey takes about 3 hours. Since Beijing and Guilin are located in the north and south of China respectively, tourists entering from Beijing can visit other cities of the country first and then transfer flights/trains to reach Guilin.

By train
Both high-speed trains and normal-speed trains are available between Beijing and Guilin. There are now six trains running from one city to the other, two of which are high-speed trains that take about 10 hours one way. Normal-speed trains are not recommended to passengers, as one-way trip takes 20 hours or more.

*Flight/train schedules may be adjusted from time to time, specific information is subject to the announcements of the airports/railway stations.