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Your Position: Home China Tour TestimonialsMr. Spruce Newman, USA
  • Booking Code: VOC-20110912-G(A)
  • Client’s Information: Mr. Spruce Newman, USA
  • Tour Starting Date: Monday, 12 September 2011
  • Tour Destination: Xi'an, Guilin
Comment on our service from Mr. Spruce Newman, USA
Thank you very much for arranging everything for us!!!


Thanks, Gina!  Things are great on the cruise and we really enjoyed being with Janet there in Guilin.  No probles with the drivers:  all have been very professional.  Did have some problems getting to the cruise ship:  they explained to us that the port was not complete and the government officials would not permit them to use the facility. 

We will get off the cruise ship as early as possible (probably 7:00 to 7:15 a.m.) and everyone will get straight onto a cruise-ship provided bus to be transported to the Costa cruise terminal where we were dropped off.  That is about a 45 minute or so drive.  There, we will clear China customs, collect our luggage, and then be able to meet our private tour.  All three of us (Flo, Nate and I) are really looking forward to being with the tour guide and driver. 

 Visit Our China and your representatives have been exceptional.  We have greatly enjoyed being with each of them and are looking forward to our last day.  They have been wonderful, as have you.  Thank you very much for arranging everything for us!!!