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Resonant Sand Bay

Located in the Kubuqi Desert in Erdos, Resonant Sand Bay is also known as "Yinken Resonant Sand" ("Yinken" in Mongolian means 'eternal"). Sand dunes in the Resonant Sand Bay reach as high as 100 meters and the desert itself stretches on for several hundred kilometers.

Resonant Sand Bay,Erdos Atrractions,Erdos Tours,Inner Mongolia Tours,China Tours

One of the highlights of Erdos is a 1.6-square-kilometer bending sand slope that rises out of the surrounding desert at a 45 degrees, with a width of 400 meters. On a clear day the sand glides down from the top of the sand dune, which produces fantastic buzz, just like the sand’s whisper. When people stir the sand or climb the dunes, the sand also produces peculiar noise. To this day, the resonant sand still remains a mystery and one can feel a sense of wonderment when visiting it. The scenic area around the Resonant Sand Bay has also developed into a recreational area with restaurants and recreational activities to suit all visitors.

What to enjoy in Resonant Sand Bay Scenic Spot?

Resonant Sand Bay,Erdos Atrractions,Erdos Tours,Inner Mongolia Tours,China Tours

In Resonant Sand Bay there are horse-riding, camel-riding, sand-surfing riding, desert paraglider, bonfires parties and desert camping trips as well as amazing "space-balls" for visitors to explore the desert, in total there are about 20 desert activities to enjoy.

Resonant Sand Bay,Erdos Atrractions,Erdos Tours,Inner Mongolia Tours,China Tours

In the scenic area there are local handcrafts produced by the local Mongolian people, there are also cultural demonstrations, including a local marriage ceremony as well as reenactments of traditional Mongolian dances as well as chances for visitors to dress up in traditional Mongolian clothing.

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