Dunhuang Weather

Dunhuang falls into typical warm temperate and arid climate, with less precipitation, much evaporation, great temperature differences between the daytime and night, and long sunlight hours. The annual rainfall on average is 39.9 milimetre; the annual temperature on average is 9.4 ℃; the frost-free period lasts 142 days; the city has sunlight hours of 3246.7 hours. The four seasons are distinct here.

In spring, it is windy and warm, but sandy are always blown by the wind. Moreover, it is the slow season for travel so you will fail to try some local melons and fruit. When summer sets in, it is sweltering. Dawn breaks over the city at five o’clock and it will not get dark until 21:30. The city sees the advent of tourist season when the fragrance of mellows wafts in the air. When it comes to autumn, it turns cool. After the National Day, the number of visitors decreases. In winter, although it is freezing, you can still pay a visit to this city to appreciate the unique human landscape and natural landscape.