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Some people say that Daocheng is the last pure land in the blue planet. Daocheng, which has known by people for just a short time, is pure and extremely beautiful. Dao Cheng literally means 'Rice Dam', this ancient agrarian county tucked away in Sichuan's Southwest Pocket bordering Yunnan's northern borders is in the same neighbourhood as the well known tourist destination of Li Jiang. However, despite its geographic proximity this county possesses quite a different cultural and feeling to Yunnan, Dao Cheng is a Tibetan county located outside Tibet itself.  

The county of Dao Cheng was placed under the administration of a Tibetan administrative authority in 1950 and since that time it has developed its own unique Tibetan culture mixed with the influences of Sichuanese and South-western China to create a truly unique cultural melting-pot. Dao Cheng was a tiny population of just under 30,000 people and comprises of 13 townships, in 2009 Dao Cheng County and Shangri-la County agreed to work together to build new desirable tourists towns to attract both domestic and international visitors.

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The geographical diversity in Dao Cheng is truly unique, officially described as resting on the Tibetan Plateau. The main feature of Dao Cheng County is enormous, wide grasslands, the county's elevation varies significantly rising from a height of 3,000 metres doubling to over 6,000 metres creating some wild vistas where towering snow-capped mountains rise out of bottomless crevasses. Dao Cheng is also famous for its glaciers with several of the larger mountains in the western part of the county, the most famous of these glaciers is known as "China's Ice Hat". In total there are over 1,100 mountain lakes scattered around the province meaning that there is no shortage of spectacular scenery for visitors to Dao Cheng to enjoy.


Daocheng gains the fame of “the last Shangri-La” for its special primitive natural environment. The sightseeings consist of Daocheng and Yading offering great sceneries of snow mountain, glacier, grand valley, forests, grasses, lakes and etc.

Except the amazing Pearl Lake, Milk Lake and all the other beautiful glaciers or lakes, the most attractive sight is the famous Daocheng Shenfeng Mountains, including Mount Xiannairi, Mount Yangmaiyong and Mount Xianuoduoji. People there think the three mountains respectively symbolizes grand buddha, young girl, teenage boy. 

There are many other attraction to visit around Daocheng, such as the silent Banghe River, beautiful red grasses and ancient temples. Daocheng is also a wonderful place to enjoy spring flowers and autumn leaves.

Daocheng is the Shangri-La in the dream of us where you can find more than what you can imagine.

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