Chongqing Weather

Chongqing enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 18℃. Temperature can lower to -2℃ in winter and soar up to more than 35℃ and even to 43℃. Summer and fall are the rainy seasons of Chongqing. As a mountain city, Chongqing is a veritable Fog City with 104 foggy days a year. Mist envelops Chongqing from late fall to early spring. In winter, winter sweets bloom in Nashan Mountain of Chongqing, fairly beautiful.

Best time to visit Chongqing is spring and fall when temperature is mild and climate is the most kind. Besides, in late summer and early fall, tourist may get the chance to join the Three Gorges International Tourism Festival or the Chongqing City Tourism Festival.