Changsha Weather

Changsha falls into subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. Rains are often seen in the late spring and early summer while drought hits the city in late summer and early autumn. The annual temperature is 16.8 to 17.2℃ on average; the precipitation throughout the year is 1442.4 millimeters; the frost free periods last 275 days. In spring, the weather is capricious and wet; residents greet the sunny days almost every day when come summer and autumn; winter is neither freezing nor long.

The best time to visit Changsha city is all the year round except scorching summer. Spring starts from the late February in Changsha when the weather is capricious, so you are advised to take more clothes with you in case of catching a cold. In the middle of August, you can appreciate the maple leaves at the Orange continent head. However in winter, the temperature decreases from 20℃ to 5℃ and sometimes it will snow, so it is a good choice to enjoy ice in the mountain. All in all, during autumn it is relatively suitable for you to visit Changsha.