Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort, Beijing

Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort is a holiday village located on the bank of the Wenyu River in Shunyi District of Beijing. The resort takes up an area of 400,000 square meters and has been designed for conferences, relaxation and fine-dining. The accommodation is offered in the equivalent of normal 4-star hotels. The luxurious surroundings and premium amenities make this hidden jewel the perfect place to while away a weekend.

Beijing Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort,Beijing Tours,China Tours      Beijing Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort,Beijing Tours,China Tours

Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring

These expertly maintained springs source from the stream 1800 meters under the ground with the a perennial comfortable temperature in 60 degrees, each are filled with naturally occurring minerals to aid with bodily rehabilitation. The spring resort offers much more than natural springs; a comprehensive spa treatment facility awaits all those carrying unwanted stress throughout their bodies treatments include: natural therapy, Chinese medicine, massage and sauna, the rich wooden surroundings are sure to relax and cure.

One of the springs is fitted with specially designed pumps that massage and relax acupuncture point – it is a form of aqua acupuncture.

Japanese bath therapy is also available, with rooms fitted with television, telephone, Japanese matting, delicate tea set, wooden baths and several other amenities to help relieve stress.

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