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Expo promotion week starts in Tibet

Expo 2010 promotion week in Tibetan Autonomous Region began this morning at the Potala Palace square in the regional capital Lhasa City.

Chinese government and Communist Party of China have put Expo 2010 as their top priority and the Expo will display a glamorous Tibet to the world, said Wan Jifei, executive director of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Executive Committee.

With the leadership of regional government and the regional party committee as well as the efforts of Tibetan people, Tibetan exhibition in China Pavilion will be a bright spot during the event, Wan added.

Hao Peng, vice chairman of the Tibet regional government, said that Expo 2010 is a good opportunity for Tibet to showcase itself and boost its economy.

Tibetan people will participate in the Expo to thank Shanghai people's contribution to Tibet’s development, Hao said. He also said that the promotion week will let more Tibetan people know about Expo.

Zhou Hanmin, deputy director of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Executive Committee, said that Tibet and Shanghai were like brothers and were cooperating in economic, social, educational and cultural aspects, which have been productive.

This promotion will further improve the cooperation and help both to capture the Expo opportunities to make further contribution to each other's development, Zhou said.

The Expo promotion week in Tibet includes an Expo exhibition, an Expo forum and Expo-related activities in Tibet University. The week from September 1 to 5 in 2010 has been set as Tibet Week in Expo 2010. During that week, glamorous culture shows from Tibet will be staged.

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