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China tours to Taxkorgan

Neither movie nor photo can express her beauty. And you must experience it by yourself, the unmatched beauty. Pastures under the snow mountain, golden field, lonely street, children's cry...a round moon rising from the lonely Muztagata Mountain (Mushitage Mountain) and the autumn in Taxkorgan: her peace and tranquility and causal light melancholy are so is the description of a tourist about Taxkorgan. After seeing this beautiful description, have you been impressed by Taxkoegan? Autumn in Taxkorgan is astonishingly beautiful: scenic landscapes, sc... More information about Taxkorgan

In 27 days, you will enjoy the whole landscape in Xinjiang province. Camping overnihgt in the desert, experiencing the hike in countries, enjoy the tour scenic sights while feel the real world and lives in the western part of China.

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