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Sichuan tour

  • The most attractive of Sichuan is the national treasure the giant panda. In Chengdu, visitors can have a close contact with a panda and take care of it.

  • Built 2200 years ago, the grand Dujiangyan Irrigation System is hailed as the originator of world irrigation works, which is the oldest one but still in service.

  • Buddhist shrine Mount Emei and one of the Taoism birthlands Mount Qingcheng are the most famed religious sites around the country.

  • Spring and summer are the seasons of romantic wild flowers, which are fabulously added to Jiuzhaigou Valley with spectacular mountains, colorful lakes, and stunning waterfalls.

Chengdu in brief Chengdu is the capital city of the Sichuan Province, located in the South-central part of China. Similarly known as "Chengtu", the city is a major transportation and economic hub to Southwest China and enjoys a great historical past mingled with rich natural features that rank it today as one of China's best tourist city. As part of a mountainous area set in the so-called "Tian Fu Zhi Guo" (天府之国) meaning the "country of heaven" or "land of abundance", Chengdu is one of the rare Chinese cities that never changed name during its history. Compared to a brocade and hibiscus city, Chengdu is a marvel for lovers of traditional culture and deep rich nature. Namely, Chengdu is worldly renowned for being the place where the few last preserved Giant Pandas live: an extraord... Read more>>

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What Our Customers Say?

I hope this letter finds you well. We finally arrived home from our trip last Thursday the 17th. As promised I am writing to you about our experience in China and we thank you very much for your organizing. On the whole we had a wonderful time and were very well looked after...
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