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Hong Kong - Guilin

By Flight

Flight is the most convenient transportation chosen by most travelers from Hong Kong to Guilin. With a flight distance of about 670 kilometers, only two direct flights are available each day from Hong Kong International Airport to Guilin Liangjiang Airport:

- KA700 or KA704 opened by Hong Kong Dragon Airlines, often takes off around 09:00 in the morning, but sometimes flies in the afternoon around 14:00;
- HX8121 operated by Hong Kong Airways and takes off in the afternoon around 16:00.

Both fly about 1 hour and 25 minutes; the exact takeoff time is slightly different each day, which is subject to official release.

By Train

No train can directly take passengers from Hong Kong to Guilin. Most travelers will transfer in the city of Shenzhen or Guangzhou, the adjacent cities of Hong Kong in Guangdong Province.

Transfer in Shenzhen:

Firstly take MTR East Rail Line at Hung Hom Station or Mong Kok East Station in Hong Kong to get to Luohu Port of Shenzhen, which is within 5-minute-walking to Shenzhen Station, and then take trains there to Guilin. (Please reserve inspection time at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border). An intercity-express train is available each day from Shenzhen to Guilin:
- K952, 17:46–07:55 (travels about 14 hours for 1024 kilometers), from Shenzhen Railway Station (in Luohu District) to Guilin North Railway Station.

Transfer in Guangzhou:

Travelers need to take MTR Guangdong Through Train from Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong to Guangzhou Train Station first, and then take a train there to Guilin. Guangdong Through Train has 12 trains run in each direction every day, with travel distance of about 180 kilometers and a ride time of about 1 hour 40 minutes. From Guangzhou to Guilin, two express trains are available each day:
- K36, 17:46-06:43 (travels about 13 hours for 883 kilometers), from Guangzhou Railway Station to Guilin Railway Station;
- K952, 19:47–07:55 (travels about 12.5 hours for 877 kilometers), from Guangzhou Railway Station to Guilin North Railway Station. This train is originated from Shenzhen.

By Bus
Take bus from Hong Kong to Guilin, travelers need to transfer in Shenzhen.

From Hong Kong to Shenzhen, there are many buses leave various parts of Hong Kong (often from side streets or hotel entrances), among which the through buses run between Lok Ma Chau Control Point (of Hong Kong) and Huanggang Port (the only full-time port in Shenzhen) are the most convenient, which departs every 10 minutes. Take any crossing boundary buses, passengers need to get off at the port to finish the entry and exit procedures. It is also quite convenient for airline passengers to take such buses between Hong Kong Airport and Shenzhen Airport. 

From Shenzhen to Guilin, it is easy to take a coach at any of Shenzhen’s eight long-distance coach stations, each of which has couple of coaches departing for Guilin every day. The journey takes about 12 hours for a distance of about 833 kilometers.

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