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Guangzhou – Guilin

Guangzhou is about 452 kilometres away from Guilin by areoplane.
Guanghzou is about 883 kilometres away from Guilin by train.
Guanghzou is about 553 kilometres away from Guilin by bus.
Guangzhou is about 652 kilometres away from Guilin by self-driving.

By flight

Flight is the fastest way to arrive at Guilin from Guangzhou. Whether in the morning or in the evening, flights are available. Generally speaking, you can either take direct flights from Guangzhou to Guilin, or transfer flight to the destination.

Direct flights: five direct flights operated by Southern Airlines are available from Baiyun International Airport to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. It covers 452 kilometers and takes you about 1hour and 10 minutes.
- CZ3232, CZ3236: take off in the morning, at 09:55 and 07:20 respectively.
- CZ3292: take off in the afternoon, at 14:30.
- CZ3234, CZ3260: take off in the evening, at 22:35 and 21:20 respectively.

Please follow the take-off time on the flight day. The aforementioned information is for reference only.

By train

In generally, two trains can take you from Guangzhou to Guilin. Usually the starting time is in the evening and the arrival time is in the next morning, and it takes you more than twelve hours to get to the city.

- Guangzhou Railway Station – Guilin North Railway Station
  K952, 19:47 – 07:55 (travels about 12 hours for 883 kilometres)
- Guangzhou Railway Station – Guilin Railway Station
  K36, 17:46 – 06:37 (travels about 13 hours for 883 kilometres)


There are many routes of self-driving from Guangzhou to Guilin, but here we offer one that has better road condition though it is a little bit longer. Of course, travelers can select other routes that best suit them.

Route instructions:
Advantage: relatively better road consition
Disadvantage: relatively large distance
Distance: about 652 kilometres

Route of self-driving:
Guangzhou – Sanshui (about 35km) –Baitu toll station of Zhaoqing (about 40km) –Yuecheng toll station of Deqing (about 61km) – Wufeng toll station of Wuzhou (about 112km) – Xindu (about 83km) – Hezhou (about 63km) – Zhongshan (about 39km) – Pingle (about 82km) – Lipu (about 32km) – Yangshuo (about 40km) – Guilin (about 65km)

Tips: from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing is expressway, and other roads are national roads.

By bus

Four bus stations are available in Guangzhou where you can take coaches heading for Guilin; they are Tianhe Coach Terminal Station, Jiaokou station, Guangdong provincial Long-distance bus station and Fangcun bus station. Usually, the journey takes about 10 hours for a distance of about 553 kilometers.

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