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Beijing – Guilin

Beijing is about 1887 kilometers away from Guilin by aeroplane.
Beijing is about 2135 kilometers away from Guilin by train.

By flight

Though there are many airports in Beijing, the most frequently used by travelers is Capital Airport. Around ten direct flights heading for Guilin Liangjiang International Airport are available, many of which take off in the daytime. With a distance of about 1887 kilometres, the journey takes about 3 to 4 hours. Surely, visitors can take flights to other cities from Beijing and then transfer flights to reach Guilin.

Please follow the take-off time on the flight day. The aforementioned information is for reference only.

By train

Generally speaking, four trains are available from Beijing to Guilin. It usually takes you more than twenty-two hours to arrive at Guilin.

- Beijing West Railway Station – Guilin North Railway Station
  K21, 09:31–12:28 (travels about 27 hours for 2135 kilometres)

- Beijing West Railway Station – Guilin Railway Station
  T5, 15:45–14:21 (travels about 22 hours for 2135 kilometres)
  T189, 18:17–17:38 (travels about 23 hours for 2135 kilometres)
  K157, 18:26–22:24 (travels about 28 hours for 2135 kilometres)

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