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China tours to Yarkand

Situated in the west of the Tarim Basin (southwest of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region), Yarkand County seats in the south of the Karakoram Range and the north of the Pamir Plateau. The downtown of Yarkand is around 1,666 kilometers from Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. With a population of 620,791(in 2003), Yarkand spreads out about 9,037 square kilometers and is at an elevation of 1,231 meters. On this land which is made up of plain and mountains, several ethnic groups live together, mainly including the Uigur, the Han, the Tajik, the Hui the Ozbek (Uzibek) and the... More information about Yarkand

In 27 days, you will enjoy the whole landscape in Xinjiang province. Camping overnihgt in the desert, experiencing the hike in countries, enjoy the tour scenic sights while feel the real world and lives in the western part of China.

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