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Wuhan Transportation

Wuhan Transportation

By air

Located in Tianhe town of Huangpi District, north of Wuhan City, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (天河国际机场) has domestic flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Chengdu and some international cities. From the airport shuttle bus will go sequentially through Hankou District (CNY15), Hanyang District (CNY20) and finally Wuchang District (CNY30).

By train

Wuhan has an extensive railway system composed of Beijing - Guangzhou rail, Xiangyang - Chengdu rail, Wuhan - Danjiang Rail, Jiaozuo - Zhicheng Rail, Zhicheng - Liuzhou Rail, etc. there are trains to various districts of Hubei Province, Beijing, Shanghai, Urumqi, Luoyang, Chongqing, Xi’an, Kunming, Chengdu, Liuzhou, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Hefei and other cities.

There are Hankou Railway Station, Hanyang Railway Station and Wuchang Station in Wuhan. So remember the specific terminus and starting station. The newly-built Wuhan Railway Station is the largest railway station in Wuhan and is mainly the terminal of bullet trains and high-speed trains. Buses No.108, 234, 297, 525, 297, 525, 540, 551, and 610 will get to there.

By long-distance bus

There are buses from and to cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Changsha, Zhengzhou and famous tourist destination such as Three Gorges, Zhangjiajie, Yellow Mountain, Jinggang Mountain.

Wuhan main station is Jinjiadun Bus Station(金家墩汽车客运总站) which is located in No.70 Fazhan Dadao ( 发展大道) in Hankou District. Fujiapo Bus Station (傅家坡汽车客运站) is located on No.358 Wuluo Road (武珞路) in Wuchang District, Hongji Long-distance Bus Station (宏基长途汽车客运站) on No.519 Zhongshan Road (中山路) in Wuchang District, and Xinhualu Long-distance Bus Station (新华路长途汽车站) on No.1329 on the junction of Xinhua Road and Liberation Road (解放大道).

City Transportation

---By public bus

Wuhan has a highly-developed public buses system. For travelers, there are city tourist buses linking different tourist destinations. The normal price is CNY1, double-deck CNY1.5 and air-conditioned CNY2.

1. Urban tour bus (CNY2 for common bus, CNY5 for air-conditioned bus)

Route 401:

Stops: "Feb.7 Conference" Memorial hall, Gude Temple, Eight Route Army’s Office, Shengli Hotel, Wuhan Port, Pedestrian of Jianghan Road, Dragon King’s Temple, Lute Platform, Guiyuan Temple, Guishan Television Tower, Yellow Crane Tower, Red Tower, Changchun Taoist Temple, Baotong Temple, Plum Garden in East Lake Scenic Area, Chu City of Moshan Mountain in East Lake Scenic Area, Bathing Beach of East Lake.

Route 402:

Stops: Wuchang Railway Station, Red Tower, Yellow Crane Tower, Guishan Television Tower, Guqin Platform, Wuhan Port, Site of "August 7 Conference", Binjiang Park, Liberation Park, Pear Garden in East Lake Scenic Area, Free-eagle Platform, World of Birds, Provincial Museum, Meiling in East Lake Scenic Area, Fishing Platform of East Lake.

2. Suburb tour bus

No.1 (CNY16): Wuhan Port, Huangpi Mulan Mountain Scenic Area, Mulan Lake Holiday resort.

No.2 (CNY16): Wuhan Port, Wuhan Modern Vegetable Garden, Daoguanhe Scenic Area in Xinzhou County.

No.3 (CNY12): Wuhan Port, Wild Life Zoo in Caidian District.

No. 4 (CNY10): Wuhan Ethnic Village, Tangxun Lake Resort, Longquan Mountain Scenic Area in Jiangxia District.

By rail transit

At present, light rail Line One has been in operation with 26 stations, which presently runs from Huangpu (黄浦) to Zhongguan Road (宗关路) in Hankou District. The price is CNY1.5 within 6 stations and CNY0.5 each three stations after that (usually CNY1 to CNY 5). It runs from 06:00 to 22:00.

By ferry

Ferry is an important part of Wuhan’s city transportation. It normally costs CNY1.5/p and runs every 20 minutes.

Most convenient docks are located on Zhonghua Road in Wuchang and Wuhanguan in hankou. There are 7 ship routes: Wuhanguan(武汉关) - Zhonghua Lu (中华路), Qingshan (青山) - Tianxing Zhou (天星洲), Wangjia Xiang(王家巷) - Zengjiaxiang (曾家巷), Qingchuan (晴川) - Yellow Crane Tower (黄鹤楼), midnight routes from Wuhanguan to Zhonghualu, Longwang Temple (龙王庙) sightseeing route.

By taxi

Normal taxi fare is CNY6 in two km and CNY1.6 per km after that. Additional CNY1.5 will be charged for fuel surcharge.