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In September 2007 the congress of the Association Internationale des Producteurs de 1'Horticulure (AIPH) unanimously elected to bring the 2011 International Horticultural Exposition (IHE) to one of China’s most ancient and famous cities: Xi’an. Following Kunming in 1999 and Shenyang in 2006, this represents the third occasion that the auspicious event will have been staged in China, in Chanba Ecological Zone of Xi’an. This will be the largest exposition to be held in Xi’an and in North-western China so far. … [More]

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To Xi'an EXPO 2011
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Expo Duration: Apr.28th - Oct.22,2011
Theme: Beauty and Humanity Eternal Prosperity-Innovation in Nature
Emblem: Chang'an Flower
Area: 418 hectares (including 188 hectares of water)
Site: Chanba Ecological Zone of Xi’an
(10 km away from downtown Xi'an and 30 km away from the airport)
emblem of Xian Horticultural Expo mascot of Xian Horticultural Expo theme for the Xian Horticultural Expo
Expo Emblem

Chang'an Flower is the official emblem for Xi'an Expo 2011, it is alsothe city flower of Xi'an.

Expo Mascot

Chang'an Flower is the Expo mascot, a inspiration come from the pomegranate blossom.

Expo Theme

Eternal peace & harmony between nature & mankind, nurturing the future earth.

Things to Do in Xian

Enjoying equal fame as Beijing, Xi'an has been the royal city of several dynasties in ancient China. Such particular status makes it one of the two most significant ancient cities that concentrate and deposit the thousand-year-old Chinese history and culture... [More]

Xian Travel Strategy

Xi'an tour attractions are generally located in the east, west and downtown of Xi'an city. The most popular attractions are mostly in the east, including Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing Hot Springs, Banpo Museum and Huashan Mountain...[More]

Hotel Options at Xian

September and October represent the Xian’s peak travel season and are the period of time when demand for hotel is highest on highest, particularly in the time surrounding National Day (Oct 1st -7th), supply of accommodation remains a prominent challenge... [More]

Xian Foods and Snacks

Xian possesses world's best preserved City Wall, the world’s eighth wonder - Terracotta Warriors and Horses and one of the Five Sacred Mountains of China - Huashan Mountain. Besides, the food and snacks of Xian is also quite popular among the visitors...[More]

Top 10 Highlights to See In Xian International Horticultural Exposition 2011

  • 1. Expo Site Plane
  • 2. Theme Development
  • 3. Planning and Organization
  • 4. Ecological Zone Construction
  • 5. Innovations and Breakthroughs
  • 6. General Expo Structure
  • 7. Five Themed Garden Sites
  • 8. Four Landmark Buildings
  • 9. Three Specialized Service Areas
  • 10. Special Cultural Performances
The site will encompass an area of 418 hectares, exceeding the Kunming International Horticultural Expo which covered an area of 218 hectares and the Shenyang International Horticultural Expo which covered an area of 246 hectares; the Xian World Horticultural Expo will become the largest horticultural expo in the 2011 calendar year.
Display the aesthetic beauty of Flowers, Greenery and Water all within the IHE site; as well as combining horticultural art with natural ecology to create an environment which can wholly encapsulate the beauty of nature. The IHE will also strive to exhibit the beauty of China’s native flowers and the importance of horticultural in Chinese culture, this will be incorporated in three areas of exhibition: a foreign garden zone, domestic garden zone featuring displays from different Chinese provinces, as well as an ancient Chinese garden zone. And vegetables planted in the space will be introduced into the international horticultural exposition for the first time. Its water area is also the largest one among all the horticultural expos. Special water landscapes such as boats, streets and stages will be built to develop themes of the expo, including integrated processing of the river, water and life, future, water technology. Poetic spectacle would be created to realize wonderful combination of Flowers, Greenery and Water.
The 2011 Xi'an International Horticultural Expo is a wonderful practice of Ecological conservation and technological advancements, emphasizing the theme "Urban Life and Nature in Harmony". And the expo’s idea of 'Ecological Civilization and Development'is well complimented in the construction process. Constructions of the expo center as well as the various exhibits will also been 'Carbon Neutral and Emission Free'. At the same time the expo will aim to introduce the general public to new innovations in ecological preservation, including energy saving devices, the importance of living a life in balance with nature and been intelligent green consumers.
Combing the best aspects of both modern and ancient construction, many of the designs are also specifically inspired by the unique historical, cultural and religious of the host city - Xian. Many of the construction designs have been drawn from ancient Chinese poetry, like the Taoist 'Book of Songs' to display to the world Chinese pedigree in horticultural. Several sacred Chinese animals have also been drawn upon as inspiration, including; Panda, The Golden Monkey, Pearl Goose and the Highland Goat, this serves to further emphasize the balance between man and nature. The landscaped expo area will also include a large area of river bank that has been set aside for large native willow trees. The Xian IHE will also marketing itself as the 'online expo', in partnership with China Telecom will create 'the digital garden' providing digital tickets; digital currency; digital moneybag as well as other digital technologies, the Xi'an organizing committee believes that the creation of the 'digital garden' will function as an effective marketing tool to help boost expo patronage as well as providing the general public with an unparalleled online experience.
unique experience including both appreciation and public participating will be provided. Interactive entertainment areas will be built in the site, where 'Happy Water World' as well as various other leisure activities will be held; this area will also serve 'digital garden' on line and will provide a total expo experience for every patron. The interactive garden will also be the host site for the expo's several open competitions and events including the flower arranging contest, and the innovation contest, providing the public with increased opportunities to participate.
The overall structure of Xian Horticultural Expo can be generalized as "two rings, two axes, five grouped areas". Two Rings" will be divided into the ‘core ring’ which will contain the main expo gardens as well the main attractions, and the 'outer ring' will contain the expo development parks, Expo Village, Command Center as well as other expo related amenities including living quarters. The "Two Axes" refer to the two landscape axes in the expo site: north-south axis (the main axis) and east-west axis. 'Five group Areas' include Xian Zone, Innovation Zone, Five Continent Zone, Science and Technology Zone as well as the Interactive Zone.
This five contending artistic gardens will showcase the skill of both Chinese and foreign gardeners as well as being the key highlight of the expo they include: the Chang an Flower Valley, Colorful Plants from Qinling Mountains, Flowers along the Silk Road, Overseas Collections and Flower Rainbow over the Ba River.
Chang an Flower Valley Flowers along the Silk Road Colorful plants from Qinling Mountains Flower Rainbow over the Ba River Overseas Collections
Using a collage of different-color flowers to portray the "sky", showing different understanding and imagination of people from ancient times. And during the 178 days' expo the exhibit will be modified for five times to create different effects. A planned integration of various flowers as well as carvings and squares to capture the expeditionary spirit and wildness of the ancient Silk Road that once ran through Xi'an. A delicate variety of plants from special Qinling Mountains, bright, colorful and refined. In this themed garden, waterside buildings will be built over the Ba River, uniting water with flowers to give patrons unrivaled appreciation of the beauty of nature as well as the harmony between nature and mankind. This garden will place emphasis on decent, elegant and magnificent European gardens. This themed garden will combine overseas exhibits into one.
Chang An Tower Theme Pavilion Greenhouse Guangyun Entrance
The Chang An tower will be erected on the peak of the Zhongnan Mountain and is the international symbol of the 2001 IHE, it is serves as a viewing platform giving visitors sweeping views over the beautiful Bahe River as well as the rest of the Expo Center... [More] The Theme Pavilion is located in the northern section of the expo center; the pavilion and the wharf that is attached to it have been specifically designed to resemble the Chinese character Wang (King)... [More] The 2011 Xi’an IHE green house is located in the Banks of the Jinxiu Lake. The greenhouse itself covers an area of 5,317 square meters as is broken up into different themed areas showcasing rare biological specimens from around the world... [More] Guangyun Entrance is the main entrance of 2011 Expo Xian. Located in the northeast part of the park it spans a length of 60 meters and can facilitate traffic of up to 20,000 patrons per hour... [More]
Romance by the Ba River European Avenue Tropical Waterfront Zone
Romance by the Ba River is drawn from a similar concept as the special service areas however will encapsulate the historical cultural of ancient Xi’an and Shaanxi; activities and restaurants will offer patrons a chance to take a break from other exhibits. Designed to replicate a small European Village, the center of the village will contain a water-feature as well as combining all the traditional characteristics of European village life; it serves as another recreational outlet. The Tropical Waterfront Zone will capture the holiday atmosphere of an south-east Asian paradise with concerts and dancing activities as well as rows of coconuts this exhibit is intended to allow patrons a chance to relax.
As a means of generating increasing interest in the in the Xi'an 2011 IHE there will be several cultural and entertainment events run inside the expo grounds including a boating regatta and a aqua performance on the Ba River. The boating regatta will use traditional Tang Dynasty boats and be accompanied by music. The Ba River performance will take advantage of the wide Ba River and will include motorized boats and excitement.

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