Niuxin Mountain - Located in Shuangqiao Valley and stands 4942 meters high above the sea level, Niuxin Mountain is a famous local attraction which gets its name from its OX-heart-shape.

Muluozi - Located at the foot of Mount Siguniang, Muluozi is a broad and flat lawn with an altitude of 3760 meters. It is the place of richest vegetation and the campsite location in Changping Valley for mountaineers.

Rilong Town

Rilong Town is located in the southeast of Xiaojin County, covers an area of 480, some 56km to county seat and 220km to Chengdu City; it is the nearest town to Mount Siguniang which borders the Wolong Nature Reserve, the hometown of Chinese panda in the east and the Fengtongzhai Nature Reserve of Ya'an in the south. With rich tourist resources consisting of Mt. Siguniang and three beautiful valleys, Rilong is a town known at home and abroad which is inhabited by Tibetans, Hui people and Han nationality.

Redwood Forest - Redwood Forest is a gorgeous primeval redwood forest located in the innermost of Shuangqiao Valley and stands 3940 meters high above sea level. The precious redwood and firs are properly distributed on mountainsides, the beautiful colors of which amazingly set off the surrounding snow peaks.

Jiajin Mountain – It is a high and precipitous mountain adjacent to Mt. SIguniang, and features abundant natural resources, well-preserved virgin forest, precious wild animals and unique sceneries attributed to kinds of waters.

Danba County – It is a county crowned as "the most beautiful countryside in China" which characterized by extraordinary natural landscape, magnificent ethnic customs and ancient and mysterious historic culture.

Suopo Watchtowers (of Danba County) - A spectacular watchtower group built hundreds years ago by Mongolian herdsmen, the Watchtowers comprises 84 ancient watchtowers including the only pentagonal one in the world.

Jiaju Tibetan Village – A village covers 5 square kilometers and is inhabited by over 140 households of Jiarong Tibetans who still reserve their unique traditional architecture built in stone-wood structure with primitive techniques.