Mt. Siguniangshan Adventure

Outdoor exploration, an X-sport of some adventurous, challenging and thrilling, fascinates its enthusiasts for marvelous unexpected sceneries, wonderful experience of self-challenge, and more important, the improvements of perseverance, team spirit and survival ability in the wild. For this reason, the sport is highly requiring an expert operator with very sophisticated leader and rather professional all-sided knowledge.

Our special made outdoor adventurous tours in the area of Mt. Siguniang mainly cover four types of exploration, namely, Mountain climb, Hiking, Photography and Alpine plant combining with sightseeing and camping. The Scenic Area of Mount Siguniang, the Oriental Alps and the Queen of Sichuan's Peaks, which encompasses four holy snow peaks, three untraversed valleys, and its circumjacent unparallel natural sceneries and rich tourist resources, is no doubt a veritable paradise for all adventures. Its precipitous peaks, serene valleys, isolated alpine lakes, dazzling colorful woods, rare animal species, and mysterious cloistered ethnic groups just await your exploration.