China Ski Tours 2013

The skiing parks will resounded with you laughter and sweat. The memorable time here will never be forgotten.Which of the following tours attracts you most?

  • 5 Days Ski Tour with Highlights of Beijing

    5 Days Ski Tour with Highlights of Beijing

    Beijing is an incredible destination and it is even more beautiful in winter. This 5 day ski tour highlights the best Beijing has to offer as well as skiing and...

  • 6 Days Splendid Harbin Ski Tour

    6 Days Splendid Harbin Ski Tour

    The Northern city of Harbin is famous for its winter festival and is a haven to lovers of winter sports. Harbin is home to some of the best ski resorts in Asia ...

  • 13 Days Brilliant Winter Tour

    13 Days Brilliant Winter Tour

    This ski tour takes you to some of the most famous destinations in China. You will visit Beijing, Xian, Harbin, Yabuli, and Shanghai. Each destination is world-...

China Ski Resorts

Already an experienced skier or just only a beginner seeking for fun? No problem at all! Take advantage of the snow season in China this year! The best chance is just around the corner, with this special report about China ski resorts, detailed information, photos and maps, together with our great tour packages, there is nothing to worry about as we will be you hands during the whole trip to China. What are you waiting for?

  • Yabuli
    Yabuli Ski Resort is the biggest training centre for alpine skiers and the mountain hosts of many professional skiing competitions.

  • Xiling
    Xiling Ski Resort, one of many ski resorts at high altitudes with unmatched natural beauty and great skiing facilities in China!

  • Nanshan-Beijing
    Nanshan offers such tourist activities as skiing, water skiing, grass skiing, sliding and gliding

  • Alshan
    Alshan Skiing Resort is one of the best ski resorts in China after the Yabuli ski resort.

  • Huaibei-Beijing
    Even if you don"t know how to ski or snowboard or if you don"t like this sport, this resort has will not disappoint you...

  • Erlongshan-Harbin
    Erlongshan ski resort has snow cover for 170 days per year with an annual average temperature of 15 centigrade degree.

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