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Design your own tour with our help to meet your unique interests. You don't have to compromise. Do exactly what you want to do! Let us assist you to tailor-make your own China experience.

We will show you the culture and people of China

How to visit China for foreigners? Some travelers choose to join in group tours in their own countries, or some travelers travel by themselves with a guide book. However, you can not find and experience the real China, even miss the most important and interesting parts by these ways. Most of the group tours are just whistlestop and provide ossified patterning itineraries, no change no flexibility. Moreover, you even pay higher price in group tours than our private tours but cannot visit many China highlights that worth seeing, what a pity! For self-service tour, it has higher requirements for travelers, the guide book can not show you everything.
Thus as professional tourism advisors, we strongly recommend you visit every place in China with a local guide via private tour, by which you will discover the most real Chinese and their life. VisitOurChina sincerely aims to provide high-quality tours at affordable prices to our every client. Unlike other tours which rush you from site to site, dotted with shopping stops, all of our China package tours are carefully created to ensure that China's incredible culture and people are highlighted, as well as its incredible sites to show you the real China.

  • Farm

  • Dancing Exercise

  • Chinese Rickshaw

  • Monkey Cosplay

  • Rickshaw

  • Morning Exercise

Close to the Chinese People:We will provide you the opportunities to enjoy the Chinese real local life. For example, you can see the Chinese elder people taking morning exercise in each city; you can also learn how to make Chinese Jiaozi (dumplings) in the local families, eating the dumplings which you make, it would be the most satisfied experience, and you can even make dumplings once you are back home and share the special Chinese food with your family members and friends; you have the opportunity to visit China's countryside, to know the most simple and friendly Chinese farmers, which is also another side of real China.

  • Cooking Class

  • Ethnic Minority

  • Chinese Calligraphy

  • Chinese Food

  • Play Ti Ji

  • Terracotta Warriors

Chinese Cultural Activities: Some tourists are interested in Chinese culture, and we will make arrangements based on different focus, for example: learn Chinese Kung Fu, play Tai Ji (a popular Chinese Kung Fu), appreciate Chinese calligraphy, etc. We believe that you are not visiting the real country if you do not know some basic cultural information of it, then we do our best to provide you more opportunities to join in Chinese cultural activities. If you are also interested in Chinese cuisine, we can arrange you with cooking lessons, from which you will learn several classic Chinese dishes and then you can enjoy Chinese food whenever you want, wherever you are!

  • Cross the Desert

  • Ethnic Minority Show

  • Countryside Cycling

  • Great Wall Hiking

  • Giant Panda

  • Cycling

Discover Unusual Tour Routes:Maybe you are already tired of those invariable or similar China tours from most travel agents, and you are seeking breakthrough and innovations as we do now- except for the China Classical Tours, we also provide some unusual tours, for example: Great Wall Hiking Tour, which is the best way to experience the differences between various Great Wall sections, meanwhile, you will be far away from the crowded tourists and make it your once-in-a-lifetime journey. And if you are a enthusiast of hiking or other outdoor activities, we can arrange you Mt. Siguniang Hiking and Mt. Emei Hiking in Sichuan Province, Li River Hiking of Guilin, Tiger Leaping Gorge (Chinese name Hutiao Xia) Hiking of Yunnan, Yellow Mountain Hiking, and etc. Besides, we also have Bike Tours and National Ethnic Minority Tours - these unusual routes will definitely present you with brand-new China experiences.

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