Spring Festival in Hong Kong

The most important festival in the Chinese year, Spring Festival is a time of joy and family reunion. It falls on the first day of the lunar New Year. . No Spring Festival celebration would be complete without New Year's painting, family reunions, visiting friends and family, and giving red envelopes containing money to children. In Hong Kong though there are some unique cultural differences in their Spring Festival celebrations

New Year Couplets

In the past, Hong Kong families did not past New Year's couplets or New Year's paintings in their homes. Traditionally they would put up simple Fai Chun couplets up. They are a simple form of couplet with wishes for thriving business or safe trips. Now more and more families are putting up New Year's couplets and paintings in their homes.

Dragon and Lion dances are extremely popular in Hong Kong, especially in the villages. Victoria Harbor has the Grand Fireworks Display on the second night of the lunar New Year. It is a huge display that can be seen from many parts of Hong Kong.

Flower Fairs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has various local customs about food specifically for the Spring Festival. Many food streets are open to serve various special dishes during the festival, and most Hong Kong families will get together to have the reunion dinner on New Year's Eve. After which it is customary for them to stroll around the flower fair. Spring Festival Fairs are held in many places in Hong Kong during the holiday. The flower fair in Victoria Park is the largest and most popular of the fairs.

Lishi Money Begging

To the children, they find great delight in begging for Lishi money (money put in a red envelope) from the adults. Similar to the Hongbao in mainland China, Lishi is an auspicious word in Cantonese symbolizing luck and prosperity.

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