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Top Things to Do in Xian

For tourists interested in Chinese history

Xian, an perfect city for Chinese history, the Terra Cotta Army

Enjoying equal fame as Beijing, Xian has been the royal city of several dynasties in ancient China. Such particular status makes it one of the two most significant ancient cities that concentrate and deposit the thousand-year-old Chinese history and culture. For tourists who are interested in history, Xian is undoubtedly a paradise to know and touch the ancient Chinese culture. No matter it is museums (Shaanxi Provincial Museum and the Banpo Museum), various temples and pagodas (such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Forest of Ancient Stone Tablets), or other attractions (e.g. Huanqing Hot Spring, Qian Tomb, etc.), tourists who visit them will not come back with nothing.

For outdoor activity fans interested in hiking and natural scenery

Mt.Huashan in Xian is one of the top 5 mountains in China, of great natural scenery.

Huashan Mountains, one of the sacred mountains in China, is a steep mountain located in Xian. Huashan Mountain has five main peaks, spreading east, west, south and north respectively, among them the south one is highest. According to Chinese legend, the west peak is the place where the mythic figure Chen Xiang hacks the peak and rescues his mother who is jailed inside the peak by God. Tourists can get to the Huashan Mountain by the train departing from Xian Railway Station.

For tourists interested in leisure activities and shows

Enjoy the Tang Dynasty Show at Xian is worthful when you tour in Xian.

In spite that Xian is known to the world for its age-old historic relics, leisure activities in Xian are also worth of a try.

Recommended leisure activities in Xian: biking on the Ancient City Wall, watching the evening Tang Dynasty Show, visiting the City without Darkness, enjoying the music fountain outside the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Tourists can also spend their leisure time in bars and cafes in the city.

For tourists interested in shopping at Xian

To buy some copies of the Terra cotta Warriors and Hourses and other souvenirs and bring them home when you travel to Xian

No matter where tourists go, reaping inexpensive and characteristic local souvenirs is always one of their favorite activities. Comparing with gaudy shopping in some cities, shopping in Xian is indeed quite cost-efficient.

Recommended souvenirs in Xian: mini replica of the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses (there are several choices for tourist with different budget), Huanggui Wine, sour plum powder, toy figurine of shadow play. Tourists can try to bargain with sellers when shopping.

The Famen Temple was invested a lot to built, it is one of the religion holy place at Xian.

Xian is not only an ancient capital but also a religionary holy land, that's why there is all kind of temples of different religions in this city.

Recommended temples in Xian: the Islamic Great Mosque and the Buddhist Famen Temple.

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