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Food and Snacks in Xian

Xi'an possesses worldfs best preserved City Wall of Xi'an, the world's eighth wonder ? Terracotta Warriors and Horses and one of the Five Sacred Mountains of China-Huashan Mountain. Besides, the food and snacks of Xi'an is also quite popular among the visitors. There are wide ranges of snacks in Xian. To learn about the traditional food of Xi'an, the most representative Xi'an food include Xi'an dumpling feast, Chinese Hamburger (Rou Jia Mo), Xi'an noodles and Cold Noodle.

Dumpling Feast

The dumpling Feast is a kind of boiled dumpling with meat or vegetarian dishes which is loved by people especially from North China. It is a custom to eat dumplings during Spring Festival and on the Winter Solstice Day. Up to now, there have been more than 200 types of dumpling feasts in Xi'an, such as Court Feast, Eight Treasure Feast, Dragon and Phoenix Feast, Peony Feast and Flower Feast. Every dumpling differs from others.

Xian Dumplings are famous amoung China    Different shapes of the dumplings

Chinese Hamburger (Rou Jia Mo) and Xi'an Noodles

Rou Jia Mo is a very popular snack in West China, especially in Xian. The Chinese Hamburger of Xian is a perfect combination of Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce and Baiji Pancake. The meat is more tender and fresh than the ordinary braised pork. With various kinds of ingredients, proper cooking and age-old soup, the meat is ruddy, soft, fragrant and melty.

Xian Noodle is very popular among all the Chinese noodles. The Whistle Noodle is a unique noodle of Xian combining Sichuan flavor and traditional food habit of North China.

Rou Jia Mo and Different Xian Noddles

Cold Noodle

With a history of more than 2000 years, the Cold Noodle is a local fast snack of Shaanxi, so it is also called Shaanxi Cold Noodle. Qin Village is the birthplace of the Cold Noodle. The Shaanxi Xian Cold Noodles can be divided into Cold Rice Noodle and Cold Wheat Noodle. This kind of chewy, thin, narrow and soft food is quite popular. The noodle can be served cold in spring, summer and autumn and hot in winter.

Shaanxi Cold Noodles

Renowned Hui Street in Xian

Hui Street, full of restaurants run by Hui People, is near the Bell and Drum Tower attraction. Besides characteristic handmade articles, almost all the reputed Shaanxi snacks including Chinese Hamburger (Rou Jia Mo), Mutton and Bread Pieces in Soup, Cold Noodle, Qishan Noodle, Dumpling Feast can be enjoyed in the street.

Shaanxi Cold Noodles