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Jilin travel guide

Jilin travel guide

Jilin City is the only city in China to use the same name as the province it belongs to. It is a very famous city in northern China for beautiful winter sceneries especially the very special frost and various interesting festivals. It is a great place to go all around the year, but winter may attract you most. You will find very interesting activities and all the delicious food Jilin provides for its lovely visitors. We promise that it will not let you down. Brief Introduction to Jilin Jilin City is a diverse mix of 35 ethnicities including Mongols, Huis, Manchurians, Koreans, etc. Jilin City was originally called Jilin Wula which in Manchurian literally translates as City of the river's edge. And Jilin City is called River City as well. Indeed the city sits on the banks of the Songhua River and at the foothills of a large mountain range. When the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty traveled up the Songhua River he was amazed at the beauty of this small outpost. Jilin City has long attracted visitors due to its natural beauty; however the region is also rich in agricultural production, hydro-electric power, minerals and forests making it one of the wealthi... More information about Jilin ┬╗

Top Attractions in Jilin

Songhua River

Songhua River

The Songhua River is Heilongjiang River's biggest branch and an aorta of Northeast China. It also has two main branches, one stemming from the Baitou Mountain's Tianchi, and another stemming from the Lesser Khingan Range's Nenjiang River. The Songhua River flows into Heilongjiang River at Tongji...

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