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Theme for 2011 Xian IEH

Theme and constructions of the Expo in Xi'an shows the wish that making the world a better place.

Beauty and Humanity Eternal Prosperity Innovation in Nature - Urban Life and Nature in Harmony

The organizing committee of the Xian IHE are looking forward to promoting a sustainable and modern approach to horticultural and has nominated: gBeauty and Longevity-Innovation in Nature: Urban Life and Nature in Harmonyh as the expofs theme and gGreen Modern Leadershiph as the expofs motto. The expo will feature botanical landscapes are the predominant feature surrounding the expo center as well as capturing the unique historical flavor of Xi'an as a means of combining cultural humanity and nature. The expo's aim will be to encourage the visitors to explore human innovation, concepts of urban life, the importance of gardens and the benefit of living in harmony with nature.