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Mascot for Xi'an International Expo 2011: Changfan Flower

Chang'an Flower is created as a human who shows a great happyness to the world.

The mascot of 2011 International is a lovely Chinese red image wearing lovely yellow Changfan Flower (Xifan was called Changfan in ancient times of China in the past for long) on head. It is also designed to different images with various impressions, just like Hai Bao (the mascot of 2010 Shanghai Expo). And you can get such kind of material souvenirs from Xifan Expo-licensed shops.

The image of Changfan Flower came from six-petal pomegranate flower, the city flower of Xifan; and symbolizes prosperity and eternal growth, echoing perfectly with the theme of eInnovation in Nature'.

Chang'an Flower is also the mascot for Xi'an world expostion 2011