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Xi'an World Expo Emblem: Changfan Flower

Chang'an Flower, the Emblem for IHE 2011, the City Flower of Xi'an

What is the emblem of the 2011 Xian World Expo? Xi'an was called Changfan in ancient times of China in the past for long, so the Xi'an International Horticultural Expo has nominated the eChangfan Flowerf as its official emblem; and the city flower of Xi'an, the shape and color of pomegranate flower was adopted as the emblem.

How does Chang'an Flower look like, and what is the meaning of the emblem? The inspiration of the Xi'an Expofs emblemfs design came from the Lao Tse's (a great founder and philosopher of Taoism in the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China)Tao The Ching that eTao gives birth to one, one to two, two to three and three to everythingf, which means that there must certain origin of everything (gTao is believed to be the origin by Lao Tse) and everything grows by its own rule and the growing process of the whole world will never cease. Chang'an Flower was thus be designed to symbolizes prosperity and eternal growth. And since six is a symbol of fortune and good luck in China, Changfan Flower also has six petals, just like the pomegranate flower. And the emblem of 2011 Xi'an Expo echoes perfectly with the theme of eInnovation in Naturef.